General contracting

Our main activity is the construction of buildings and facilities by the general contracting method. Where necessary, we offer the given service from the planning and management of the design work.

Real estate development

We implement our management skills and experience of the construction processes in the field of property development. Most of the development projects, so far, have been related to, residential real estate, but of course, we are ready to share our experience in the field of commercial real estate.


We understand what kind of work is needed in the construction of buildings that last for centuries. We have the experience in the renovation of many architectural monuments and we have the authorisation of the National Heritage Board to do such work.

Project management

We recommend the planning and construction by the project management method in cases where the customer’s final needs, and thereby the solutions, are born only during the process.

Design work

At the request of the customer, we also arrange the entire design process of the prospective building in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the terms of reference. We work only with those engineers whose abilities we have witnessed many times